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Choosing the Right Mobile Computer for WMS

Mobile Computer or some call it PDT, HHT, RF, Handheld…is an integral part of warehouse management system implementation. This device will be used in almost every process in warehouse, so how to choose the right mobile computer for you?

1D or 2D

Mobile Computers are equipped with a scan engine which make it a lot better than using a smartphone in your warehouse. It snappy and extremely responsive. You can choose between a 1D scan engine, which can only read a 1D barcode, or you can choose Mobile Computer with a 2D scan engine which can read both 1D and 2D. We recommend to choose the one with a 2D scan engine for your future investment.

Standard Range, Medium or Long Range

Standard range scanner is able to read a barcode from maximum 50cm distance, while a long range scanner can read up to 12 meters, depends on the brand and model. Lately, the industry also come up with a medium (or near-far) scan engine which can read from around 2 – 5 meters. So which one should be choose?

Well, if your warehouse is dealing with a lot of pallet or bulk items that requires a reading from forklift, then a medium range is perfect for you. Medium range scanner can read both big and small barcode right from their forklift seat.

A long range can also be used, however, a long range scanner can only read a big barcode, not a small barcode. And they also requires a certain distance, like 1 meters away, to be able to read a barcode. This would be a problem when you need to read a barcode from a short distance.

Extended Warranty

Mobile computers are industrial devices, which has a minimum IP rating 54. This means, it can endure shake, drop, fall, tumble and water splash. It’s durable. However, since we are going to use these device very actively in our warehouse, we need to have a backup plan, just in case things go sideways.

Good device manufacturer usually offers an extended warranty which covers almost everything from damage, misuse, accident to the device. So anything happens to our device, as long as it’s not missing, they will replace it for us. This will off course gives us a certainty in doing our job without having to worry about failed devices.

So, if they have it, take it!

Android OS

Since January 2020, Microsoft has no longer support Windows Mobile which was a very popular operating system for mobile computers. So now, the obvious option would be Android.

You can choose between Android with GMS or without GMS that will prevent you from having certain Google services such as map, Google Play, etc.


Warehouse Management System usually runs in a four-wall area which doesn’t require a GSM connectivity. But if you need to access internet with your device, you need a GSM model for it.

So, that’s it. 5 Important Keys to choose the right Mobile Computer for your WMS project. Let us know of you need to know more about Mobile Devices, which one is perfect for you and which model can help you in your warehouse!

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