Largo App is a suite of operation productivity system that will help simplify floor operation in warehouses and productions.

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About Us

Let us introduce you to who we are and what we do best


We are system integrator providing Barcode, RFID and Automation solution for various industry in Indonesia

Who We Are

Established in 2011, PT. Mimotek Indonesia has been delivering productivity improvement solution to various industry in Indonesia. Since day 1, PT. Mimotek Indonesia  focus on pushing Barcode, RFID and Automation technology and work very closely with renowned AIDC brands in the world.

Not only with hardware provider, PT. Mimotek Indonesia also form strategic alliances with ERP and other system provider to ensure delivering a working solution that reach the implementation goals.

Cross-stitching superb application with great devices and seamless integration with other system has been our strength which leads us to a number of successful implementation in Indonesia.


We Love What We Do

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