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Existing Barcode vs New Barcode

We often come across question from our client "Can we use our existing barcode on the product in the warehouse" ? Well, the simple rule in the warehouse is that we need a UNIQUE barcode for each unit of measurement which can be a carton or a pallet. This unique barcode will help us to identify individual FIFO, expiry date, batch, production number and other important information. Product barcode is usually NOT UNIQUE. It means, for every Coca-Cola can, the barcode will all be the same. And don't forget that this barcode lays on item level, which is rarely the case for warehouse operation. That's why, when a product comes in to the warehouse, during Tally process, we put a new unique barcode for each carton or pallet. The barcode then will be associated with information required so now every carton or pallet has a unique information attached to its barcode. This information will continue being updated along the way during every warehouse operation such as put away, picking, stock take and delivery. If you have a unique case or need to discuss how to use barcode in your warehouse, let us know and we will be very happy to help....